Whet Ink

Muse of Fire


Muse of Fire is an episodic series that is influenced by our world today and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. It follows Will Spears, a young writer hoping to make a break in present day New York as an intern for a start-up newsgroup. However, he gets fired from the internship on his first day and is robbed of just about everything he owns by thieves. Just when he is pondering to head back home to Connecticut with his dreams seemingly dashed, an upstart director and his colleagues shuffle him into an audition by accident and Will’s life is changed. Now surrounded by new friends and enemies inspired by Shakespeare’s beloved characters Will encounters love, heartbreak, mystery, dangers and intrigue as each new adventure leads him into a web of madcap comedy, and deadly heartbreaking tragedy. Part modern day speech and part Shakespeare’s verse, Muse of Fire puts the bard’s great works in one connected universe while commenting on our world today.

In Development